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The Waterfall of Chiflon The Waterfall of Chiflon

Located about 60 miles southeast of San Cristobal or 30 minutes from downtown in the city of Comitan Tzimol in the middle of a valley of reeds, mountains and jungle, are the Las Cascadas el Chiflón, meaning "big whistle." The Waterfalls at El Chiflon are actually two waterfalls. The smaller one at the bottom is what gives the falls there name but the main waterfall, Cascada Velo de Novia, which more or less means Bridal Veil Falls, falls more than 225 feet into a crystal clear blue pool. The waterfalls of Chiflon were formed by the Rio San Vicente. Besides these waterfalls the area has vegetation that forms a tree curtain and landscapes with palms. Also, there is a hill known to have not- yet-explored archaeological ruins. Near Socoltenango, 53 km from Comitan, there is a site known as La Mesilla; in here there is an access road of 2.5 kms to get to these waterfalls. Chiflon Waterflalls area offers a restaurant, cabins, parking, restrooms with showers and camping.

Best Times to See The Chiflon Waterfall

The rainy season between May and September offers the heaviest water flow, however, the rains during this period stir the silt from the river beds and the beautiful hues of blue, green and turquoise reflected in the waters may not be seen. Although during this time the water can give the apperance of brown muddy water, the falls at Chiflon are really spectacular all-year round. Cascades el Chiflon is most impressive during the dry season (November thru March). Tours are available from San Cristobal to El Chiflon on the way to Laguans de Montebello.


Note: The currents can be strong and the waterfalls can be dangerous. If you are not a strong swimmer you may just want to watch. Make sure you have Mexico Travel Insurance in case of medical emergency.


Cascades Chiflon   Cascada Velo de Novia
Cascades Chiflon - Dry Season
Cascada Velo de Novia



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