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Parque National Lagunas de MontebelloParque National Lagunas de Montebello

Located about 100 miles southeast of San Cristobal is Lake of the Beautiful Mountain, which constitutes a 14,880 acre park with 56 lakes and surrounding pine forest. The park entrance is located at Laguan Estrada or "Enchanted Lake". At Laguan Bosque Azul you can rent rowboats or paddleboats or hour horsback tours of the forest, caves and two giant sink holes. If you are interested in swimming the best place to visit is Laguna de Montebello. You can swim at any of the lakes in the park, however use caution because there are no lifeguards at Launa Montebello Park. In order not to disturb the natural plant and animal life, motrized vehcle and power boats are not allowed on Montebello Lake.

Best Times to See The Montebello Lakes in Chiapas

Tours and Horseback expeditions to hidden caves are available. Transportation by bus or private vehicle can be arranged. A guide is recommended. The Montebello Park is really spectacular all-year round, if you want to see it really green and lush travel here during the rainy seaso or at least towards the end of the rainy season - October November. If you visit here during the dry season (November thru March) not only will it be perfect hiking weather almost all of the other attractions are more enjoyable as well. Tours are available from San Cristobal to El Chiflon on the way to Laguans de Montebello.


Note: The currents can be strong and can be dangerous. If you are not a strong swimmer you may just want to watch. Make sure you have Mexico Travel Insurance in case of medical emergency.


Laguna Montebello Park  Montebello Lake
Laguna Montebello Park
Montebello Lake



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