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Grutas de Rancho Nuevo San Cristobal de las Casas Grutas de Rancho Nuevo San Cristobal de las Casas

Located 8 miles south of San Cristobal on HWY 190 is Las Grutas de San Cristobal. This is an excellent place to explore with spectacular limestone stalactities and stalagmites are illuminated along a 2,475 foot concrete walkway inside a labyrinthe of caves. Horse back tours are available. Explore an enormous cavern extending deep into a mountain about 10km.

Best Time to See Grutas de Rancho Nuevo

It's easy enough to visit it by bus or bike, though, since they're well signed, just off the main road to Comitán. A track leads for about 1km from the road through a pine-forested park with hiking trails often used by the army. By bike, it's about a fifty-minute ride, uphill most of the way from San Cristóbal. There's an average restaurant here for refreshment and you can hire horses for US$5 per hour. Although the cave system is quite extensive, only 1km of pathway is open to the public. It is suggested to visit Grutas de Rancho Nuevo in the dry season from November to April, using appropriate footwear and clothing for long walks very sheltered, but the place is open all year.

Note: Cave hiking can be dangerous. Use caution and make sure you have Mexico Travel Insurance in case of medical emergency.


Rancho Nuevo Cave Entrance Pine Forest - Chiapas
Rancho Nuevo Cave Entrance
Pine Forest - Chiapas



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